Friday, March 11, 2011

No changes

I went back to the reproductive endocrinologist this morning for an ultrasound to see if my body responded at all to the clomid.  Apparently, it's inconclusive....  My uterine lining is still very thin and most of my follicles are still small.  Apparently, there is one follicle that is larger which is sort of a good sign, but actually just makes things more confusing.  They want me to come back on Monday for another ultrasound to see if anything progresses.

I actually have finals this Monday and Tuesday at 8am.  Apparently, the only time they have ultrasound appointments are first thing in the morning... so I'm going back at 7:15 Monday morning and crossing my fingers that I get out in time to run to my final - I don't think it will actually be an issue, but it's difficult to make these choices.  I feel like if I say that I am unable to make an appointment on Monday or Tuesday that I am not making the full commitment to this physician and his treatment.  Unless I make these appointments my #1 priority, I am not gonna get pregnant.  But the problem is that I do actually have a lot of other things going on in my life.  If I miss a final, I don't graduate - that's gotta be up there on my priority list.

It's a lot of stress and pressure.  This is not easy. 


  1. What CD were you on? HAers tend to be VERY slow responders with clomid...ovulation sometimes around CD30.

  2. I don't really have a cycle day. The day of my last period was January 25th. Since I am just not ovulating, they just put me right on the clomid.